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2020 MPAC Continuing Academic Excellence Awards

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Meet our award recipients


"I realized that I wanted to help more people who are suffering more serious health conditions, to ensure that no patient ever feels alone or afraid throughout their treatment."


"As a social justice leader, not only do you have to be fierce in your fight to create change, but also dedicated to supporting and motivating the people in your team."


"While studying science, I learned about how the environment is being negatively affected by human actions. Learning about the conditions we are creating for our planet inspired me to study life on Earth and focus on the preventative and restorative ways to heal it. I want to dedicate my studies and career towards making our planet livable for future generations."


"After working and volunteering alongside some pretty amazing special education teachers and seeing firsthand how they can have a daily impact on the lives of their students, I decided to pursue a career as a special education teacher."

DOMENICO VERDUCI recipient of the Lisa MacNeil Memorial Award

"I was inspired by individuals in the healthcare field and my teachers in choosing my program in life sciences." 

CLAUDIA VERGARA recipient of the President’s Award

"I aspire to be a doula and advocate for people accessing reproductive services on a grassroots level, and/or to contribute to the development of policy that centers on marginalized communities facing structural barriers in accessing culturally safe and respectful reproductive health care."